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CBU TECH MINUTE Samsung announced a plethora of new products at its Unpacked event in San Francisco this week, so you can imagine what’s being discussed on today’s Vergecast. The much-anticipated Fortnite World Cup is finally happening this summer — and there’s going to be a lot of money up for grabs. Developer Epic detailed the upcoming e-sports event, which will culminate in a final tournament at an undisclosed location in New York from July 26th to the 28th. Photoshopping a meme is easy. But hunting through thrift stores, finding the perfect action figure to Frankenstein with another toy, designing and packaging it into a slightly off but believable product, and sneaking it onto a store shelf takes a little bit more work. Since 2015, Jeff Wysaski has been making fake signs and toys and leaving them out in the real world for people to find. Two-factor authentication is a good way to add an extra layer of security to online accounts. It requires the use of your smartphone, however, which is not only inconvenient, but it can be a problem if your phone is lost or breached. Hardware security keys can offer an extra layer of security to password-protected online accounts and, in turn, your identity. Security keys connect to your system using USB-A, USB-C, or Bluetooth, and they are small enough to be carried on a keychain (with the exception of Yubico’s USB-C nano key, which is so small that it’s safest when kept in your computer’s USB port).

Social SEO

Social media is ever important in today's internet, for a successful website. The reason for this, is that these sites are considered to be on a high tier of the search page ranking system. Granted you can only have 1 link to your website on each social media site, but that 1 link is important for giving you a top-tier backlink to your site.


Power in Numbers

By belonging to as many social networks as possible, you increase the number of these top-tier backlinks pointing to your site. Each one boosts your search page result ranking with the major search engines.


Quality of Post over Quantity of Posts

Obviously the quality of the content you post is very important, not only in regards to the image of your business, but also the SEO for your website. That's right, search engines now scowl at a lack of decent content. When you write a post on facebook, always try to include hashtags that match what you are posting about, Use spellcheck or at least make sure you don't mispell anything in the post, don't post short phrases or incomplete sentences, and don't over-repeat any keywords you are trying to post about. These things will actually lower your ranking for that post, and in-so-doing, reduce your website's page ranking.


Hashtags are Important

When posting, it is always wise to see what is "trending" on facebook, as well as to see which hashtags are trending. Hashtags are the words that follow the "#" symbol. When you type these words you get suggestions. These are tags that have previously been used by someone. You don't have to use suggested words, and can make your tags unique, mostly for your own tracking purposes. You can search at any time in the facebook or twitter search bars for hashtags... just search #sales sometime, and you can see any post that was tagged with #sales. This is how many people browse social media, so they can see content specific to what they are looking for. Don't over tag your post, but 4 to 5 tags that match your content is advised for any post.

Social Signals

When you post to facebook or twitter, it is important that you always include a link to your website in the post. It is always better to have decent content on a page on your website which is then shared by you or someone else, to the social site, but if you can't make a separate page for the content you are posting to social media(Restaurant daily specials), you should always remember to include a link to your main site in the post on social meidia.


When you include a link, the social media sites format your post in a professional layout, with a title, subtitle, and image. Assuming you have your meta tags set up correctly on your site, you will also see author and/or copyright information about the website. Posting this way, makes your posts look that much more professional, and in the event the post is shared far and wide, it will increase your page-rank at an astounding rate.


Try It... start a new post on FB with the above link... You should see something entirely different. Notice the yellow text in our image.. When your meta tags are setup correctly on your website, it tells facebook who owns the site. When you post a link to said site, you can then change everything facebook presents you with for your new post. Hover over the title or subtitle and you should see them become highlighted in yellow. You should also see the image bar below the post, to allow you to add or remove images. Share a link to your site... If you don't see these features, then your social media page is not integrated into your website.