Building Link Pyramids SEO

You may or may not have heard of the term link pyramid in the past, but these are powerful linking structures. A link pyramid is a pyramid of links consisting of three or four tiers with the top tier being considered the “money page”. The money page would be your Website, article, email capture page, or any other page that you’re attempting to get ranked at the top of SERPs.


In these pyramid structures, you'll have many various websites and articles, of a prominent source, which are pointing to very few even higher ranked sites, which are then linked back to you. The links carry through as being yours, all the way from the bottom of the pyramid, to the top (that's you).


Imagine if you had a few friends who were celebrities, and they all post links to your website. Now, if giant media conglomerates find these articles or posts, and then they post a link to the celebrities' posts. Google and other search engine crawlers see those media conglomerate links trailing back to you, through other very prominent sources who also link to you. Now even when Joe Schmoe links to you, it helps you out more than it would if you don't have a decent pyramid running (which most of us won't have).

Building Link Wheels SEO

Link wheels are another powerful SEO tool, and when used properly, and in conjunction with other link building methods, can propel a site high up on the SERPs. Link wheels refer to a network of sites all of which link to the next site in the wheel. For example, if we had five sites, A through E, A would link to B, B to C, C to D, D to E, then E back to A. All of these five sites would also link to the main site or “money page”. The links to the money page in the link wheel are like the spokes on a wheel with the five sites being the actual wheel surrounding the center.

The most powerful kinds of link wheels are social media link wheels where your social media profiles are all connected to your site and also to each other through content sharing. As you can imagine, this is a very powerful link wheel since social media sites have very high page ranks and much of the linking done through here seems more organic. Creating your link wheel with social media sites that all have connected profiles is a powerful form of a link wheel.


Today, however, you have to think outside of the box in order to propel yourself to the top of the SERPs. Not only do you need to create a powerful link wheel, but also having a combination of all linking methods is the most powerful and effective way that you’ll move up the SERP rankings and stay at the top.