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Do you own a business in Fayette?

Many Fayette businesses advertise in local newspapers, and other publications, and some of them advertise online in various formats. Let's face it... We live in a rather small town. The likelyhood of any of our websites performing on the level of some of the fortune 500's is impossible. Our advertising ring hopes to help that problem, even if in a small way.


Our advertising slideshow is a small piece of code that you simply place at the bottom of your existing website code, and it will display the scrolling ads you see at the very bottom of this page. Each ad links back to its respective owner's website.

These ads don't only advertise our respective businesses to would-be customers, but also helps improve our overall SEO, and page-rank.


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Why do I want backlinks?
Your website is what is known to web professionals as the "Money Site". In order for your website to perform better on search engines, as well as on pages that provide page-rank services, you need to have the most "Web-presence" possible. You could have the coolest website in the world, but if nobody links to it anywhere, then only the people who already know about it will find it.


What is a backlink?When a website gets a link from another site, it is counted as one backlink or inbound link for that website. For example, you just shared your business's URL in a post on a blog. If you had never published that link on that blog site before, you now have 1 backlink. If you are published on Facebook, you have 1 more backlink. For every major site, with a minimum of 1 link to you on their page, you get 1 more backlink in your score.


Backlinks are very useful to get a good rank in SERPs, if they are available with good "equity" or "link juice". This means that if a prominent site links to you (ie., Facebook, Twitter, etc.), you get a better score then you do if Joe Schmoe from down the street posts a link to your site, on his also little-known site.


Search engines and page-rank services alike look at how many backlinks you have, and what their value is. Our goal with this ad-ring is to mimic the "Link-Wheel" method for backlinks.

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