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We feel that honesty and trust are what build the foundation of a good computer. We don't use sub-standard parts in our upgrade process, or when we build a computer! We don't charge exhorbitant fees or markup on our services or products. What that means for you is, the lowest possible prices, and the most valuable parts & service...

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Computer Boot Up
Get your computer fixed the right way the firt time, and for the right price!

About Us

Computer Boot Up was founded in 1993...

I have always had a nack with computers, and became very familiar with them, and at a very young age. I was using the computer before most people knew that they were available to the public for any necessary purpose. I began using computers back in the days of DOS and BASIC. Not that either of the two are by any means obsolete, but they are not really in their prime anymore. I followed the growth of the computer and the operating system. It became commonplace for people to bring their computers to me whenever they had problems, and needed them fixed. Computer Boot Up was born.


We work on everything from DOS and Windows to Linux and Macintosh. We will always attempt repairs first, with data-recovery being the first thing on our minds. If we are unable to repair, We always provide a hard copy on DVD or USB of any files retrieved. Rebuilding is unfortunately often times necessary due to the violent nature of some of the modern virus and hacker attacks in existence today. See more about Viruses and how you can actively try to thwart them in the Security
Detailed information about infectious software and tips on how to avoid it.

 section. There are also useful downloads available in the Support
Some useful free downloads to help keep your computer running at 100%



Local PC Services
(Home or Commercial)

PC Diagnosis, Troubleshooting and Repair, PC Tune-up, PC Installation, PC Configuration, Custom Built PC, Data Recovery, Virus Removal / Repair, Physical Cleaning of Computer (internal & external), Networking Wired or Wireless, Install network adapters, Configure network adapters, Install Network Cable & Routing, Setup Router / switch software, Create Network map with customer input (renaming each system if required)

Cloud Storage Services

Introducing CBU~cloud~

FREE Account: 5 GB
Premium Account: 200 GB ($49.99/Year)
Sync Options: Web, Desktop, Mobile
External Accounts: Google Drive, WebDAV, ical, calDAV, cardDAV, NextCloud, OwnCloud
Extended Features: Virus Scanning, notepad, gallery, Social Sharing, Contacts, and more!
Syncs with remote desktop and moblie apps, as well as other 3rd party apps.

Web & App Design

Custom Web Design
Custom Android App Design
Social Media Optimization & Integration
Social Media Management (Subscription)
Optimized SEO
Pagespeed Optimization
Custom Graphics Design
Logo/Icon Optimization & Implementation
Domain Tools NEW!
Domain Hosting(Private) NEW!


Standard Troubleshooting
We will determine what is causing your computer issue. If we can fix small things along the way, we will. If major repairs/parts are required, we will contact you asking how to proceed.
Data Recovery
We will scour your system for any lost files. We also do a backup before we do any re-install of an OS. If you keep files in locations other than "My Documents" & etc, we ask that you tell us beforehand, so we don't miss anything important.
Physical Cleaning
We will clean the physical computer itself. We clean the inside and the outside of your computer thoroughly. We use various chemicals known to the IT industry. Removing all access panels will void any system warranty you may have.
Virus Repair / Removal
A Virus repair will be attempted. If repairing the virus fails, a re-install of the operating system will be performed, at the $60.00 price, but with free data recovery.
Hardware Upgrade
Installation of Graphics Cards, Modems, Network & WiFi cards, etc. We give a discounted price of #35.00 if you install 3 or more at once. The price doesn't include the price of parts.
Software Installations
If you aren't sure how to install a specific software application, we can do that for you. We can install everything from Microsoft Office to proprietary 3rd party software.
Operating System Re-Install
Operating System Re-install requires you to have the original operating system discs for your computer.We do not sell Microsoft Windows. If you do not have your original disc, you must have the CD key (usually located on side of tower).

Operating System Re-install price may vary depending on the nature of the failure and need for re-install

Combo Package
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cleaning
  • Data Recovery
  • OS Reinstall

We will give your computer a physical cleaning, we will do a backup of any personal files, then we will re-install your Operating System. We will perform all updates to current, make sure your computer is secured against malicious files (FREE versions of Antivirus will be used unless paid version is provided). Your computer will be like brand new when we are finished.


Viruses, Malware, & Spyware

Recently a wave of infected computers have crossed my office. I have been doing this for a long time, and I have not seen so many computers infected all at once. I caught this nasty bug myself, and it came disguised as an email from someone I know. I thought it was unusual that my dad would send me a virus, and in actuality he didn't. Several of the computers I have worked on recently all had the same viruses, and they were infected in different ways. Some were from email, and some were from files-sharing clients. Below is a small list of things you can do to try to avoid getting a virus.

Tips for a Healthier PC

To extend the life of your PC and keep it running in the best condition possible - here are some Tips For a Healthy PC. Granted, there will be some blood, sweat, and possibly tears involved in this process. If you don't think you are up to the task, we would be glad to assist you!
Team Member

Clean Out Your System Unit (Tower)

Every 6 Months to 1 Year

The inside of your PCs tower or desktop case gathers dust and dirt over time. This is because of the electrical charge inside the case and the incoming air from your PC's cooling fans which are used to cool sensitive parts such as the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).
At least once a year, you should remove the access panel and blow the dust and dirt out of the case with a can of compressed air. You will want to blow away the dust off of the optical drives, hard drives, processor, behind the motherboard and all of the other parts in the case. Be sure to follow the directions on the can of compressed air also.

Team Member

Clean Your Keyboard and Mouse

Once per wekk or 2 weeks.

Over time, your keyboard can accumulate dust, dirt and other foreign matter (sandwich crumbs, candy, peanuts etc). This can be cleaned out also by using the same can of compressed air. Simply tilt the keyboard vertically and use short bursts of air between the columns of keys in a downward motion. This will blow the debris from the top of the keyboard to the bottom and out. (Remember to follow the directions on the can of compressed air for use, storage and disposal) For mice that have a ball, remove the cover plate and clean the ball with warm water and mild soap and dry. Clean the rollers inside of the mouse with a lint-free swab and alcohol. Place the ball inside the mouse and replace the cover plate. If you use an optical mouse, there are no moving internal parts and cleaning inside the mouse is not needed.

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UPS or Surge Protector


Power surges and brownouts happen all the time. These are fluctuations with your home's power; every time your refrigerator's compressor starts, your air conditioning turns on, and from using other devices in your home. It is extremely important to protect the sensitive components of your PC by utilizing a surge protector, or if you want to guarantee the same amount of power is reaching your computer at all times, and want to protect against power outages, you can buy a U.P.S.(Uninteruptable Power Source) from most home/office stores. I use Tripplite UPS myself.

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Remove Unwanted Programs and Files


Programs and files that are no longer utilized can take up lots of hard drive space. This creates longer access times when your computer has to search through thousands of files to find the one you need. 
When you have a program that you no longer use, uninstall the program using either the programs uninstall wizard or your computer's uninstall utility. When files are of no longer any use, remember to delete them also. Don't forget to empty your recycle bin.

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Delete Your Cookies


Cookies can benefit your Internet experience by saving the data from visited web sites. However if the web sites that you frequent are constantly changing, cookies are of no use to you - they only take up hard drive space. Many anti-virus software suites contain maintenance utilities that can delete your cookies.
Here is an excellent site showing how to delete cookies on all major browsers.

Along with cookies, you should make sure you have a pop-up blocker installed, or if you use Chrome, you already have one.

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Disk Defragmentation


Perform a disk Defragmentation on a monthly basis. This utility is a process that eliminates fragmentation in system files. It does this by physically reorganizing the content of the hard drive in order to place the files closer together and creates larger spaces for future information to be saved. Many anti-virus software suites include a Defragmentation program. If yours includes this software, just follow the directions for hard drive defragmentation. If not, access your Windows operating system disk defragmenter by using the following path.

Left Click the Start Button ~ Programs ~ Accessories ~ System Tools ~ Disk Defragmenter

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Antivirus Software


Antivirus software programs attempt to identify, quarantine and delete malicious software and computer viruses. Unfortunately, many people don't use this software, don't update the antivirus definitions, or don't have an antivirus software program installed on their PC at all. 
First, ensure you have an antivirus program installed on your PC. Some of the most common and popular antivirus programs are Symantec's Norton Antivirus, Computer Associates Internet Security Suite and Kaspersky Internet Security. You must perform a definitions update to the software at least once a week and scan your PC at least once a week. Many antivirus software programs will allow you to set a schedule so that the software automatically scans at a designated day and time.

Along with antivirus, make sure the software you select contains spyware and malware detection. If it doesn't, Windows Defender is a part of windows, and can be used as a suitable spyware/malware removal. You still need to get a decent Antivirus program, even with Windows Defender running.